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About Us

Thanks you for choosing Clothes for Seniors from American Health Care Apparel

American Health Care Apparel has supplied traditional and adaptive clothing and footwear to nursing home residents and senior home health care individuals since 1985. Our family has served adult senior customers for over 70 years since opening The Surprise Department Store in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1929. It is our mission to make dressing senior citizens with limited mobility, and decreased dexterity an effortless task, rather than a burdensome chore.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, a nursing home caregiver shopping for a nursing home resident, a home health care aide or nurse caring for senior citizens, or a family member shopping for an elderly loved-one; our web site will acquaint you with clothing designs which promote independence for the self-dresser, as well as special closure items which make assisted dressing easier and safer for both the wearer and the caregiver.