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Adaptive and Traditional Clothing

The lines of clothing by Clothes For Seniors® from American Health Care Apparel are both functional and attractive.  Adaptive clothing is designed to serve the needs of those who may experience difficulty dressing due to a restricted range of motion, be confined to a wheelchair or bed, or who might be incontinent. And our footwear can accommodate a broad range of common foot difficulties.

Our apparel fulfills a need for both the person who requires assistance in their daily dressing routines and the caregiver rendering assistance.  Our clothing is designed with both the caregiver and wearer in mind.  Dressing is made safe and simple with back or side snaps, zippers, and wide opening styles for easy on and off maneuvering.  Purposely designed to fit the senior figure.  Fuller cuts reduce discomfort around body joints such as shoulders, under the arms, and hips, while longer lengths help maintain dignity.  Self-image and self-respect should not diminish with age or medical condition.  Quality fabric styling and functionality are our primary concerns.  Our garments will launder well and delight the wearer, both in appearance and comfort.

You will be delighted by how easy it is to dress someone with our clothing.  Dressing an individual can be an effortless task simply by having them extend their arms, rather than having them deal with the sometimes painful task of manipulating arms to get into a dress, duster, robe or shirt.

Adaptive Garments

snapback_openingSnap-Back Opening.  This design is best suited for those who are capable of walking, but are limited in movement or sit for long periods of time.  The design can be snapped closed all the way down the back.  The garment has the appearance of a regular dress, duster, robe, or shirt, but has the features to dress and undress a person fast and easy.

Instructions: Have the wearer extend their arms forward.  The caregiver then slips on the garment and snaps closed the garment in the back.  It’s that simple!  No strenuous manipulation of the arms to get the garment on or off.

snapshoulder_openingSnap-Shoulder Opening.  Modesty, comfort, and ease-of-use are crucial for the person confined to a wheelchair, recliner, or bed.  We designed the snap-shoulder style with these factors in mind.  Snap are placed strategically to avoid pressure points of the spine when lying down or sitting, and the overlapping rear closure provides dignity when the wearer stands up.  Styles with closure on near the neck or shoulder is also the top choice in women’s slips.

Instructions: The wearer can be dressed in a standing, sitting, or lying-down position.  Slip the garment over the wearer’s arms, and close the two snap closure at the shoulder (If the wearer is lying down, gently turn them on their side to snap the closure).  There is no need to gather the garment around the back of the wearer who is sitting or lying down.  Simply tuck the fabric gently at the side of the wearer.  If the wearer stands up, the garment will close around the back to ensure modesty.  This type of garment allows for easy changes of the wearer who might also experience incontinence.


cutout_seatCut-Out-Seat. The cut-out-seat design is suitable for the non-ambulatory only.  The cut-away area is an ideal choice for those who require frequent changes as a result of incontinence.

Instructions:  As the wearer is lying down, slip the garment over their arm and pull garment up to shoulders (women), or the waist (men).  Gently turn them on their side to snap the closure shut.  The cut-away area of the garment allows for frequent changes of the incontinent, and helps to avoid the garment from getting soiled.


side_zipperSide-Zipper.  For men, and those women who prefer pants to dresses or dusters, the side opening extends down both sides of the pant 12 inches.  It enables a caregiver to dress a person experiencing limited flexibility.  An excellent choice for someone who is in a non-weight bearing condition.

Instructions:  For the sitting or standing wearer, slip legs into pants, pull front and back of pant to waist, and zip garment closed.  If the wearer is lying down, slide them gently on their side, then slip the garment up to the waist and zip side of garment closed.  Turn the wearer on their other side and zip other side of garment closed.


One-Piece (Anti-Stripper) Jumpsuits.  (Snap-back or Snap-security closure)  Ideally suited to discourage someone from undressing.  Jumpsuits with back buckle closures work wonders.  This one-piece design simply makes sure there are no distracting buttons or zippers to undo.  Advanced Alzheimer’s patients seem to be content to stay clothed if the undressing function presents a challenge to the wearer.

Instructions:  Dress someone as you normally would in a Jumpsuit.  Then either buckle up the garment or zip the garment closed and close the security snap.  The design does not allow the wearer to undress him or herself.


 Traditional Clothing

Our traditional clothing is regular clothing that does not include the special feature to aid in assisted dressing.  However, all of our traditional clothing is tailored to the needs and tastes of our senior clientele.  Our traditional clothing designs are relaxed in the waist and hip areas to accommodate those who sit for long periods of time, and as will all our clothing, is manufactured to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering.  All of our traditional clothing is designed for style, comfort and simplicity.


Specialty Footwear

Our footwear is explicitly designed to accommodate a broad range of common foot problems, including edema and swelling, hammertoes, diabetes, arthritis and many other conditions.  We carry selections of footwear most preferred by our senior clientele and most widely used in nursing facilities.  Most of our footwear styles incorporate Velcro® to make it easy to get shoes on and off whether an individual is dressing themselves or has someone assisting with dressing.